"Tsunami Zone" Free Medical Clinic & Disaster Relief

Quake damage

In late 2004, a terrible disaster struck southeast Asia, an ocean earth quake and Tsunami. One region devastated by the Tsunami was India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This remote island chain lost thousands of lives. For those that survived, homes were lost, fishing boats and businesses were devastated, and rich land for growing rice was destroyed by sea water flooding. CHI, in partnership with Manna International, has provided both immediate and long term assistance to this region. Shortly after the disaster, money was supplied so teams could be airlifted to the Andaman Islands to assist in providing food and temporary shelter. After the short term situation was stabilized, some of the monies have been directed towards providing new boats for the fishermen and assistance with reestablishing economic development. In March 2006, CHI's primary project on this island was launched — construction and operation of a new Free Medical Clinic. This clinic, located in the capital Port Blair, is open every day, staffed by both doctors and nurses, and provides high quality care free of charge.

Setting up a refuge center Destroyed fishing boat CHI clinic building Doctor on duty at clinic 50 families get new boats Randall Wolfe at clinic dedication