Plateroti Children's Home in Bijinepalli, India

CHI provides the monthly support for the care of all 50 orphans at Plateroti Children's Home in Bijinepalli, India. This Home was founded in 1996 to care for the orphans in this very rural and uneducated region of the country. Bijinepalli Village is best known for its "Bhajanas," or Hindu Devotional Songs. The village is home to about 4000 people. At this children's home, we work with our partner in India, Rock Children's Homes, which overall cares for, houses, feeds and educates about 5000 children throughout India. CHI's assistance for India's orphans also includes on site medical clinics, periodic food assistance, expert analysis of water needs, and funding for water wells.

CHI team with orphans CHI 500 foot water well