"Tens of Thousands Treated" at 3 Free Medical Clinics

Boxes of CHI medicines arrive

In partnership with Christus Hospitals in Nigeria, CHI has founded, maintains, and funds a medical clinic in Ibadan, Nigeria, West Africa. Each week, about 150 people receive free needed medical care and counseling. Being CHI's first clinic, it alone has treated over 75,000 people since opening. About every three to four months, CHI ships over 350 pounds of life saving medications to the door of the clinic for free distribution. These include prenatal vitamins, analgesics, creams for skin infections, and antibiotics. Additionally, we periodically provide life saving equipment such as a portable ultrasound machine, which is used daily to treat over 100 patients. In 2006, two new clinics were opened in rural areas, one in Okeayedun, Nigeria and the other in Odoayedun, Nigeria. Both of the clinics will also provide much needed care to two areas with little or no services.

Dad receives care for son Patient triaged by nurse CHI ultrasound in use Patients fill waiting room Mom and baby wait for care Clinic directors Dr. and Mrs. K. Obembe