Our Pledge to our Partners at Compassionate Hands is to strive to be "a dollar in, a dollar out" organization. Our goal is keep our administrative expenses to a minimum so that we can continue our overall mission and effectiveness. Each year, nearly every dollar invested by our friends has been injected into the lives of the most needy.

We can do this because CHI has no paid staff in the United States. Further, CHI is overseen by a Board of Directors comprised of well respected community, business and religious leaders. CHI provides assistance without regard to ethnicity, nationality, religion or gender.

So, please invest with confidence. Our most effective partners are those who set up their bank account to donate on a regular monthly basis and we ask you to consider that approach. Of course we welcome one time gifts.

Some possibilites include:

  • $1500 per month for the monthly support of One Medical Clinic
  • $750 per month for the 50% monthly support of One Medical Clinic
  • $6000 for a an Eye Surgery Campaign literally bringing site to the Blind
  • $500 for Student Scholarships at Prospect School
  • $3500 for a Water Well at One of our Supported Orphanages
  • $100-$500 per month for General Needs.

Please either send a Check payable to "Compassionate Hands International" or Use the donation link below to use Paypal.