How It All Began

In 1997, CHI slowly and quietly began. Our operations were fairly modest. We supplied medicines to the third world hospitals in Africa and India, assisted with the support of orphans, aided with construction of a vocational school in Africa and provided student scholarships to it. Although our budget was relatively small, we were effective in our efforts.

1 of 13 trailers pulling into CHI warehouse in Washington

"Overnight" the scope, work and influence of Compassionate Hands dramatically changed. Almost without warning, we received a donation of 5.2 million dollars in medical supplies and humanitarian aid. We were able to secure free temporary storage of the supplies near a shipping port. CHI was changed from a small "mom and pop operation" to a large scale humanitarian organization.

Over the next 18 months or so, we shipped ocean containers, truck loads, and dozens of pallets of aid domestically and abroad, helping many countries of the world.

Off loading hospital beds

This experience gave CHI and its Board of Directors the confidence to undertake permanent long term humanitarian projects to the world's most needy. The "Long Term Projects" pages tell the story of how far we have come. As we continue to grow, CHI depends more and more on the generosity of partners and donors who share our vision. We invite you to join your hands with Compassionate Hands International as we provide aid without regard to ethnicity, gender, religion or otherwise.

Filling the warehouse with supplies and aid